Ayoub's Meeting with the Minister of Tourism

Cairo: 28/4/2015

Press Release

Following a recent meeting with His Excellency The Minister of Tourism, Mr. Mohamed Ayoub, Chairman of the Egyptian Hotels Association expressed his enthusiasm regarding the upcoming period. He explained that despite the recent decisions which could have a negative effect on Hotels operation, he noticed profound assistance and understanding from several concerned parties, especially Mr. Khaled Ramy, The Minister of Tourism. Mr Ayoub explained that on several occasions, his Excellency the Minister expressed his support and concern about the problems faced by hotels.

Mr. Ayoub added that the Minister promised to exert every effort for the promotion of cultural tourism in Egypt in an attempt for it to resume its previous status. He stressed it being the most unique product amongst all competitors.

Mr.Ayoub added that cultural tourism is one of the most expensive tourism products which we hope to regain its strength and appeal through the proper preparation of land and floating hotels, which Egypt is renowned for. He, further, explained that His Excellency The Minister of Tourism promised for the development of the docks in Beheira and Luxor, as well as the enhancement of the Kom Ombo and Edfo docks to be undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism. These projects are currently being coordinated by the Tourism Development Authority as the mentioned touristic cities are the ones mostly affected by the decline in tourism since January 2011. 

With regards to the latest civil protection issue, Mr. Ayoub added that meetings with the civil protection groups are being held on almost daily basis with the objective of proactively managing the possible negative effects resulting from the recent decision of a 3 month time limit for hotels.


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