Electricity Cost Reduction at EHA

Cairo: 9/6/2015
Press Release

The Egyptian Hotels Association (EHA) switched to the use of led light in its Headquarters. This was done through the technical support extended by the Improvement of Energy Capacity project unit of the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy as well as the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). 

This switch was adopted by EHA as part of the Hotels and Tourism Sector’s initiative for decreasing energy consumption in response to the President’s request for energy management  and as an incentive for all the hospitality sector to follow suite. The switch to led light also serves as part of several initiatives which aim at the reduction of energy consumption.

Primary indications show an approximately 50% decrease in energy consumption during winter, as reported by the Improvement of Energy Capacity project and UNDP. This rate is expected to change during summer due to the use of air conditioners.  But, since led light bulbs project less heat than regular ones, the use of air conditioners is expected to decrease. The Return on Investment of this switch to led light is expected to pay off in a maximum of 9 months due to the large reduction of electricity bills.

The Egyptian Hotels Association’s Chairman, Mr.Mohamed Ayoub explained that the guidelines of the results of low cost lighting alternatives used in several hotels in coordination with the Improvement of Energy Capacity project, the Ministry of Tourism and other concerned parties are being prepared and will be released in a few weeks. This will be done in preparation for mainstreaming such alternative approaches in hotels nationwide.


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