Honoring Previous Heads of the Alexandria Branch

Cairo: 31/5/2015

Press Release

In the scheme of achieving the required communication with, and benefit from, the expertise of the hospitality savvy persons from different generations; Mr. Tony Ghazal Head of the Egyptian Hotels Association in Alexandria held a meeting in honor of Mr. Mohamed AlAmeery, founder of the Alexandria Branch, Mr. Mohy El Din Head of the branch for 20 years and Mr. Farouk Sherif.

The meeting was attended by several tourism and hospitality experts as well as councils of many foreign countries. The speech shed light on the goals of the current term headed by Mr. Mohamed Ayoub. These focus primarily on the training objectives including the development of hospitality schools; an approach which was previously adopted by EHA through the development of the hospitality school in Alexandria. The light was also shed on the aspiration for all hotels to switch to the use of alternative energy. It is worth noting that EHA had participated in the study conducted by the Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE) for that purpose and which included Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh. 

In the same framework, Mr. Mohamed Ayoub has recently invited all hotels nationwide to attend the conference organized by the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction, which is to be held in Cairo on mid-June. The conference will present a new study on the use of alternative energy in hotels. It will also provide useful information on available financing opportunities to make that switch to alternative energy.

In his comment on the meeting held in Alexandria, Mr. Ayoub explained that Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh are pivotal for tourism development in Egypt during the upcoming phase. He added that this is due to their being a unique product that enables them to compete in Mediterranean tourism. Finally he affirmed that he plans to coordinate with concerned parties for achieving this goal. 

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